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doubt the error occurred in GradesFirst, but it was an EMU employee that wrote an email inside the software and due to a bug in the system, GradesFirst software sent the notice to the wrong people.GradesFirst employees did not send the email nor were they providing any service like this.The firing is certainly within the realm of understanding, but it was a bit knee-jerk and was a CYA move. Having worked for a University before and knowing how they function, someone had to fall on the sword. That’s the way state institutions work.

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Danke für die Anleitung! Ich habe auch gerade Pixibuchtaschen genäht, das scheint wohl ein neuer Trend zu sein...Aber deine Pixi-Hüllen werde ich auch gleich einmal testen! Viele Grüße Meike

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Hey there Brigitte, I am loving sharing all the photos from our trip. There are just so many!!! Smugmug is great and I do intend to do another post on it as soon as I have a chance to upload my photos and spend a little time tinkering with the tools on it to learn something worth sharing.As for the politics – I know nothing. I have no allegiances and I really just find the players too hilarious for words…um okay, I have plenty of words, but my words are not about the individuals, just the system…sort of. I’m more of a big picture kinda gal, you know?

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Belanda bukannya emang tempat jualan bunga ke seluruh dunia ya Pi? Abis dulu pernah dibawa tanteku ke pabrik bunga gt deh.. Sekalian liat proses mereka shippingnya.. Edun gede banget tempatnya.. >_

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good to hear you seem to be up to date with local politics and shall i assume you’re exercising your civic duty as well? it’s a crazy fun time in the philippines right now. sometimes i wish i was there to witness all these from the sidelines.

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leveto,Pour l’origine de Pandour, il y a une piste à creuser à partir de l’anglais.Les dictionnaires british semblent faire remonter le mot au (bas) latin « banderius », qui ramène à « bannum », ban.

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